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What should my new hobby be?


Nov. 9th, 2009 10:47 pm
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i need to move. it is too quiet. i am too sad here. i love my job but after this weekend, i need roommates and i need to live somewhere where there are things.

if anyone hears about people that need roommates in like...quincy, JP, roslindale...anywhere in boston pretty much, id appreciate it. not that i know many people in fact i realized i have more friends in nyc than i do in massachusetts and that makes me really sad.

i wish i didnt love my job so i could pack up and just move to williamsburg right now.
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i didnt make it on tv but quinn did and it was a really successful event!

He's Here.

Oct. 26th, 2009 04:13 pm
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Hello friends

Next month is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

I am going to be advocating in the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. This means that I will be part of a campaign known as Break the Silence. Ovarian cancer doesn't get much notice but it should. It is the number cause of gynecological death for women and the fifth deadliest cancer. There is also no screening for it so usually when women realize they have it's too late.

I will be part of the Beauty Salon Campaign--going to salons and different places where women convene and passing out information about ovarian cancer in my effort to spread awareness.

You should too. Give the organization a call: or make a contribution to the National Ovarian Cancer Alliance or write a letter to your representative to prolong the Johanna Law--funding for research and advocacy.

My cousin Barbie has had ovarian cancer for 21 years--she is one of the longest survivors in the world. She was in Houston trying a last resort treatment right now but unfortunately had to check out of the program because her body could not handle it. She is currently still in Houston as her kidneys were failing and she was admitted back to the hospital. Kidneys are working better now but she's still in the hospital.

Anyway, please help me Break the Silence.
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I got into UNM.

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This has been a really long week

and the busi-ness doesn't stop until sometime next weekend.
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what I look like without glasses.

I like it.
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Does anyone have any large safety pins I could borrow?

I am making a quilt.

I need a bajillion. I bought some and they were not nearly enough...When the quilt is done, I promise to give them back!!
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Wish I was there to celebrate it with you!!!!


Dec. 30th, 2008 02:12 pm
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This was probably the worst year yet, huh?

January 2008: Started off in Philly with Tom. Went back to school disoriented and nervous. Rehearsals for Good Woman. Met Nuance. Had awesome times with Shakespeare kids. Started grad school. Fall in love with Obama.

February 2008: Got used to sleeping alone. More rehearsals. Started thinking about finding a job job.

March 2008: Spring break was just rehearsals and time with Tom. Started looking for a job. Good Woman went up. Finished Thesis.

April 2008: First 5 hour drive alone in a car to see Tom. Broke up with him 2 weeks later. Did a walkathon against violence. Got a job at WCC.

May: Graduated. Lived with my sister for 2 weeks. Professor Napier dies. Started WCC job.

June: move into apartment. Birthday. Went to Luxembourg.

July: More work. time with Jo and Nu and Shaughn. fourth of july party. trips to boston, NYC, NH. Read Crossing California and every TM book ever (except the newest)

August: Internship turns into real job. Meet Billy. Write a short story. Visit my cousins and jon and jess in CT.

September: Plan Craftmania. start taking photography class. ECONOMIC DISASTER

October: Craftmania. begin dating Billy.


December: break-uup / play goes up / finals / possible closing of business (which looks like it wont) lose wallet...gain new identity / meet poets / hang out on lancaster st and fall asleep on marble st couches

wow. it's very odd to look at an entire year like that.

Anyway. Sad news. the North Shore music Theatre, where i grew up and worked at and loved and all that jazz might be closing its doors forever Jan 11. Guess thats the nature of the business ive chosen for myself.

And if you ask me about Gaza, I will respond the same. Don;t ask me about Gaza. I don't want to give the "Jewish perspective" on it. I have my own opinions and they are complicated.
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I just talked to Mor (my Israeli boy from high school) on Video Skype.

He's such a sweetheart.

I also love love the Bryants and Toph. Decorating Christmas trees and having a stocking...could it be any better?

I suppose if I didn't have to drive to Wayland today it would be.

Gotta go pack...
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If I had super powers, what would they be?
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Can someone cut my hair?

I want someone to cut my hair and give me a new look.

Preferably like this:

Please let me know.
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Things seem off.

I feel like I have a lot to say but don't know how to voice any of it.

I really need to get yarn and knitting needles or crochet stat. Get my mind off things.

i can't sleep in my own bed. only on couches that aren't mine or beds that are new.

In any case, I want to read as many of these over break as possible:

The Hours
The Lion in Winter
The Vertical Hour
The Knitting Circle
Plot Against America
The Charles de Lint book

Let's start with that and see what happens.
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Nothing is better than being in Branford CT with Keith, Patti and Connor.

People keep asking me what I want for the holidays...

I want: a dragon, a dog, someone to hold me while I sleep, super powers, to heal, yarn and knitting needles...

but mostly a dragon.
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--Jo: Have you ever seen Hugh Jackman as Peter Lorre?

--Me: No!

--Jo fiddles with computer and brings up Boy from Oz clip

--Me: He's not being Peter Lorre...

--Jo: oh yeah that's Peter Allen. I was thinking of House.


--Jo: oh yeah...that's Hugh Laurie...Who's Peter Lorre?

--Me: ...he was in Casablanca...

another article about evil man...not happy thing:
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this asshole caused this to happen:

robert lappin is the best man on earth. he is why i got to go israel, poland, czech republic and hungary...and now because of this asshole no one will ever be able to do the program im doing...
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