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I need a place that can be my "office." i'm thinking at the crafts center im just gonna stay later and do work there and zone out.

INTERRUPTING MYSELF: My sister just said this to me: thanks for being my sister I never had a sister really and when you were little, I still didn't really have a sister but now I feel like I have a sister like in the having someone you can count on and always talk to kind of sister
I am done being mushy. I have to work

I love my family. They give me warm fuzzy feelings that I can't explain. i know they'll always be there for me. im so excited to go to synagogue tomorrow with my sister's crew. it's also gonna be wonderful being in a service where it is mostly in hebrew. sometimes i think im more conservative than i am.

EDIT: Been talking to Mor, Shimon, Feldi and Adi a lot. I miss them...

ok. on a similar note, ive always thought with the school year starting that this really is the "new year." So hear are some things I'd like to see myself do:

--write more
--check out art all the time
--read something that engages you
--travel on the weekends or whenever you places you want to go to
--do what you want whenever you want.
--don't hope for what you know isn't likely
--throw yourself into art (whatever your definition of art is...) everyday
--continue to live this spontaneous life you've chosen for yourself

Usually answers are more "read this" "go here" but i never stick to that kind of stuff. so im trying something new. less full of pressure.

what is YOUR definition of art?
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"We have chosen to focus on the philosophical and personal results of travel: learning the difference between the real edges and the ideal, mostly fictional, center of America; discovering the possibility of reinventing the self in transit to and from anywhere; and learning how big this country really is in physical expanse and how very small it can be in individual cultural awareness. These are the central themes of Kerouac’s novel." --Museum of contemporary photography website about their current exhibit

My first official "photos with purpose" (my own collection? portfolio? unsure of phrasing) is going to focus on the self but not in a movable place. norman rockewell as photography only modern and not bubbly. Who are my friends? What makes up their "selves"?

Also, my calendar book is paintings of women reading with quotes under them. i need a photo of all my friends reading...just cuz

I'm getting excited about what all this can mean. I also read On the Road when I was far too young. Perhaps I should revisit it. Maybe it'll help me find a direction for my potential May 2009 road trip...(yeah, yeah now im road tripping and not going to a foreign country...sue me)
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First off, I'm slightly sickish. It's worse at night and in the mornings but my tonsils are the size of large marbles. Kat's sick too so she sneezes at me and I cough at her. It does mean that after I get Kristin's kids sick tonight, I am going to return home to be sick alone...

Second, I am awesome!! Broad Meadow Brook Audobon Society and Higgins Armory are both going to be at Craftmania!! Things are really looking up for that event.

Third, look what I can do ::does a handstand::

Fourth, I had a really great fall Worcester morning yesterday. i went to the farmer's market on Chandler and then the Mediterranean market. The weather is just turning now and I think I'm finally excited about fall. I got some great bread from the breadman at the Farmer's Market. You guys should check him out. Currently enjoyed roasted garlic bread....mmm

I really do think I've finally made Worcester my home. I feel like being at WCC has helped me become a strong part of the community. It's nice not just to rely solely on your school to be your community but to be able to give back to the community.

Fifth, I am scared that our nation is not going to last another week, let alone another year. Things are so messed up right now and not even if Obama is elected will everything be fixed immediately. I think I need to take all my money out of the bank and hop in my car and drive to Mexico. Who's with me? I'll get a job on a farm, learn Spanish, and won't look back.

Sixth, I really like being a photographer. Somebody should really let me take their picture.

Seventh, What's better, Organic Choices Bear or Seasonal Depression Bear? I am playing in Shaughn's game tomorrow night as well as a LARP!! I've been trying to be more creative in my free (whatever amount of free) time. It's hard in a way because I am having problems concentrating on books. I can do poetry pretty easily, lots of Heaney and Neruda.

Eighth, I've been throwing myself into a little project. I collect articles about arts education and policies related. If you know any, or read anything, please send it my way. I have an abstract project in my head.
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As most of you know, I am the new Coordinator of Youth Services at the Worcester Center for Crafts. One of my first assignments is to plan the annual Craftmania event, which is a Family Fun Day. It is taking place October 11, from 10-3.

We have an awesome Discovery theme. The day is filled with kids getting to work in the studios doing activities planned by the department heads (wood, metals, clay, fibers.) We will also be having face painting, other little activities and a bake sale.

We are desperately looking for volunteers to either work in the studios with the kids or at the registration desk. If any of you are free for part of the time or the whole time, please email me at and I will assign you to do something fun!

Also, tell every family you know to come and please pass this along to anyone you think might be interested.
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I fell asleep on Nick's couch again last night. Really horrible mood when I got there and not so great when I left. I started to walk back to my apartment, in the clothes from the day before since I fell asleep there unintentionally. I felt like a wreck and thought I heard someone calling my name behind me but ignored it. Heard it again. Ignored it. I didn't wanna talk to anyone at 7:30 am all disheveled. However, when I heard my name called a third time I turned.

It was one of my acting kids from the crafts center. She's my neighbor. I love her. I think I really did make a difference in her life. She was so shy and quiet on the first day and had completely changed by the end of the acting week.

I like having a little buddy as a neighbor. Even if it means making small talk with her and her little sister and mother at 7:30am.
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I have started taking a photography class. I think it would be fun to take pictures of people playing dress-up. If interested, message me and perhaps we can get together so I can take pictures!

Also, I wanna take pictures of little kids playing. So if you know any...let me know



Sep. 9th, 2008 04:24 pm
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Maybe I am a communist after all...

I'm pretty sure I'm a socialist at the very least.

I've been on Obama's website, and it's making me smile. I am as liberal as I think I am...I think.

I come from an upper-middle class background but have no desire to live that kind of a lifestyle for the rest of my life. It is nice to have some financial support from my family but I just can't imagine a job where I'm not doing something artsy or with kids. Ergo: poordom for life.

But anyway. Obama. he's got this whole thing on his website about service:

I wanna work for the government and fight for the issues that effect us. it scares me when I have no control over my future.

I was getting nervous because i couldn't find info about the Obama Artistcorps I had heard about awhile ago.
FOUND IT!! You can dl the plan on his website.

The newest of my plans for Summer 2009: move to Arizona or New Mexico and work for arts centers out there.

or Americorps. Or maybe the ArtistCorps will be up and running by then.

I have taken to reading and a new poem everyday.

As long as I stay busy, I'm good. Keep the mind active. My first photography class went better than expected today!!
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Death race follows the plot of a Senecan Tragedy. A bloodthirsty revenge story filled with anger and characters that need to avenge family heartache.

It also depicts a disturbing vision of the not-so-distant future as we may one day see it. With the direction the media is heading in, we may all one day be online watching prisoners that people view as dispensable, kill each other like the Romans in the Colliseum before them. Thus, the writers have created a piece of social commentary like no other about the direction the human race is being subjected to (framing husbands for their wives murders in order to have the husbands participate in a race to the death).

Shaughn made the point that this is Handmaid's Tale. With cars and not babies. Indeed, the parallels to this film and Atwood's classic dystopian novel are uncanny, right down to the Joan Allen as the Commander's Wife figure, using her powerful position to manipulate all the prisoners to her will. Selfless acts of kindness and all.

You're welcome Nuance.

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