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I need a place that can be my "office." i'm thinking at the crafts center im just gonna stay later and do work there and zone out.

INTERRUPTING MYSELF: My sister just said this to me: thanks for being my sister I never had a sister really and when you were little, I still didn't really have a sister but now I feel like I have a sister like in the having someone you can count on and always talk to kind of sister
I am done being mushy. I have to work

I love my family. They give me warm fuzzy feelings that I can't explain. i know they'll always be there for me. im so excited to go to synagogue tomorrow with my sister's crew. it's also gonna be wonderful being in a service where it is mostly in hebrew. sometimes i think im more conservative than i am.

EDIT: Been talking to Mor, Shimon, Feldi and Adi a lot. I miss them...

ok. on a similar note, ive always thought with the school year starting that this really is the "new year." So hear are some things I'd like to see myself do:

--write more
--check out art all the time
--read something that engages you
--travel on the weekends or whenever you places you want to go to
--do what you want whenever you want.
--don't hope for what you know isn't likely
--throw yourself into art (whatever your definition of art is...) everyday
--continue to live this spontaneous life you've chosen for yourself

Usually answers are more "read this" "go here" but i never stick to that kind of stuff. so im trying something new. less full of pressure.

what is YOUR definition of art?

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