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As most of you know, I am the new Coordinator of Youth Services at the Worcester Center for Crafts. One of my first assignments is to plan the annual Craftmania event, which is a Family Fun Day. It is taking place October 11, from 10-3.

We have an awesome Discovery theme. The day is filled with kids getting to work in the studios doing activities planned by the department heads (wood, metals, clay, fibers.) We will also be having face painting, other little activities and a bake sale.

We are desperately looking for volunteers to either work in the studios with the kids or at the registration desk. If any of you are free for part of the time or the whole time, please email me at and I will assign you to do something fun!

Also, tell every family you know to come and please pass this along to anyone you think might be interested.
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I fell asleep on Nick's couch again last night. Really horrible mood when I got there and not so great when I left. I started to walk back to my apartment, in the clothes from the day before since I fell asleep there unintentionally. I felt like a wreck and thought I heard someone calling my name behind me but ignored it. Heard it again. Ignored it. I didn't wanna talk to anyone at 7:30 am all disheveled. However, when I heard my name called a third time I turned.

It was one of my acting kids from the crafts center. She's my neighbor. I love her. I think I really did make a difference in her life. She was so shy and quiet on the first day and had completely changed by the end of the acting week.

I like having a little buddy as a neighbor. Even if it means making small talk with her and her little sister and mother at 7:30am.
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I have started taking a photography class. I think it would be fun to take pictures of people playing dress-up. If interested, message me and perhaps we can get together so I can take pictures!

Also, I wanna take pictures of little kids playing. So if you know any...let me know


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