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what I look like without glasses.

I like it.
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...and I'm pretty happy about it...

it's a brand new day :)
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I'll miss you, Benedick.

I only knew you a few weeks and the impact you made on huge.

So thanks for being in my life, no matter how short a period of time.

Happy Travels
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I've been visiting with my niece and nephew for the past couple days...

Oh they grow so fast...Home tonight to see Billy-Boy and friends if anyone is around. I've been neglecting everyone so much. bad krafey, bad!

Don't worry. In about a week's time, everything will go back to normal. I'll be different. A more fulfilled human being who smiles more often but I'll also be more available to hang out.

I had a weird dream last night that tom's mom, who was not tom's mom in real life caught me drinking in tom's room in the middle of the woods? she asked if i was seeking therapy...odd. i also told tom in my dream that i was over him which was hilarious because he didn't believe me. but tis true.

there was more to the dream i wish i could remember...

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