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"We have chosen to focus on the philosophical and personal results of travel: learning the difference between the real edges and the ideal, mostly fictional, center of America; discovering the possibility of reinventing the self in transit to and from anywhere; and learning how big this country really is in physical expanse and how very small it can be in individual cultural awareness. These are the central themes of Kerouac’s novel." --Museum of contemporary photography website about their current exhibit

My first official "photos with purpose" (my own collection? portfolio? unsure of phrasing) is going to focus on the self but not in a movable place. norman rockewell as photography only modern and not bubbly. Who are my friends? What makes up their "selves"?

Also, my calendar book is paintings of women reading with quotes under them. i need a photo of all my friends reading...just cuz

I'm getting excited about what all this can mean. I also read On the Road when I was far too young. Perhaps I should revisit it. Maybe it'll help me find a direction for my potential May 2009 road trip...(yeah, yeah now im road tripping and not going to a foreign country...sue me)

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