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First off, I'm slightly sickish. It's worse at night and in the mornings but my tonsils are the size of large marbles. Kat's sick too so she sneezes at me and I cough at her. It does mean that after I get Kristin's kids sick tonight, I am going to return home to be sick alone...

Second, I am awesome!! Broad Meadow Brook Audobon Society and Higgins Armory are both going to be at Craftmania!! Things are really looking up for that event.

Third, look what I can do ::does a handstand::

Fourth, I had a really great fall Worcester morning yesterday. i went to the farmer's market on Chandler and then the Mediterranean market. The weather is just turning now and I think I'm finally excited about fall. I got some great bread from the breadman at the Farmer's Market. You guys should check him out. Currently enjoyed roasted garlic bread....mmm

I really do think I've finally made Worcester my home. I feel like being at WCC has helped me become a strong part of the community. It's nice not just to rely solely on your school to be your community but to be able to give back to the community.

Fifth, I am scared that our nation is not going to last another week, let alone another year. Things are so messed up right now and not even if Obama is elected will everything be fixed immediately. I think I need to take all my money out of the bank and hop in my car and drive to Mexico. Who's with me? I'll get a job on a farm, learn Spanish, and won't look back.

Sixth, I really like being a photographer. Somebody should really let me take their picture.

Seventh, What's better, Organic Choices Bear or Seasonal Depression Bear? I am playing in Shaughn's game tomorrow night as well as a LARP!! I've been trying to be more creative in my free (whatever amount of free) time. It's hard in a way because I am having problems concentrating on books. I can do poetry pretty easily, lots of Heaney and Neruda.

Eighth, I've been throwing myself into a little project. I collect articles about arts education and policies related. If you know any, or read anything, please send it my way. I have an abstract project in my head.
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I've been visiting with my niece and nephew for the past couple days...

Oh they grow so fast...Home tonight to see Billy-Boy and friends if anyone is around. I've been neglecting everyone so much. bad krafey, bad!

Don't worry. In about a week's time, everything will go back to normal. I'll be different. A more fulfilled human being who smiles more often but I'll also be more available to hang out.

I had a weird dream last night that tom's mom, who was not tom's mom in real life caught me drinking in tom's room in the middle of the woods? she asked if i was seeking therapy...odd. i also told tom in my dream that i was over him which was hilarious because he didn't believe me. but tis true.

there was more to the dream i wish i could remember...

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